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The Skin Pollution Index


3 ways you may be exposed in your daily life:

Digital light from your mobile phones, laptop, tablets, television

Indoor dust, bacteria, chemicals from furniture, mould

Outdoor exhaust fumes, smoke, PM2.5

Second to the Sun,
city pollution is the largest aggressor that ages your skin

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Sleep deprivation not only causes under-eye circles, but it also affects skin healing, collagen growth, hydration and overall skin texture – beauty sleep is real!

A diet focused on high-quality lean proteins, fibre, healthy oils, raw fruits and vegetables is best for supporting healthy skin. Alternatively, chowing down processed foods or those high in sugar and fat can show up in the form of dull skin, along with other issues like acne, dryness, or oiliness.

Working out improves blood circulation, promotes collagen production and skin cell renewal to keep skin healthy and glowing! But do remember to remove your makeup and thoroughly cleanse your skin before exercising, as makeup can clog your pores, preventing the release of sweat leading to breakouts and blemishes.

Don’t forget your SPF when you are out! Too much sun causes skin dehydration and irritation, while damaging your skin’s moisture barrier, leading to lost elasticity, dryness and even premature aging. Being outdoors also exposes your skin to urban dust & small particulate matter – they are nano pollution particles that get trapped in your pores which can’t be removed with simple cleansing.

Has your screen time went up? We probably own more than 1 digital device these days, which also leads to a significant increase in our exposure to digital light emissions. But did you know that digital light pollution can cause oxidative stress on skin, which in turn leads to premature fine lines, dryness and a dull complexion?

Your skin can take a beating from the different climatic conditions and air pressure. It’s crucial to keep your skin moisturized in the dry & recycled air of the plane. Freshen up mid-flight with a hydrating facial mist or load up on an antioxidant moisturizer!

While it may be a relief to escape the hot and humid weather by staying indoors with air conditioning, have you ever notice how tight and dehydrated skin can feel after a full day in an air-conditioned room? When skin loses moisture to the air, it gets dehydrated, dull and generally lacking in radiance.

Pressure-filled work environment plays a part in your skin appearance too! Stress triggers oil production, promotes acne breakouts and is associated with early wrinkling. This often results in staying up late, which interferes with a healthy sleep pattern and hindering skin’s natural healing process.

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you spend outdoors?

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How well ventilated is
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Indoor air pollutant levels may be 25 to 62 percent greater than outside levels, experts say. Many people spend most of thier lives indoors, and may never suffer more from the effects of indoor air pollution than outdoor pollution.

How many hours do you
spend on your digital devices daily? (includes mobile phone, laptop, TV etc.)

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Bluelight can penetrate deeper into the dermis than UV Rays

How much stress do you experience on a regular basis?

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